Thursday, April 8, 2010

iGot a Certain Lust For Life ♥

7:05 P.M. iCan feel the tears coming but iAin't dare lettin' em gooo. im too strong for this shitttt. yur guessin' today sucked..well yuu guessed right. a 64 on my math test was not exactly a good way to start the day off. aogaohga; iNeed to pull it together. where is my nadiya boo when iNeed her? =/ me & ________. let's jusss say iFeel like ima end up alone. nothing new right? she's so pretty and in closer distanceeee. she probably hasn't done anything to piss him off like iHave. she's skinner than iAm. doesn't have an overbite when she smiles =/ longgg pretty hair. shittt she's not even frm the united states. how can iCompete with something like that =/ ? yeahhhh ppl tell me im pretty and beautiful and all that but only _________'s opinion matters to me. iFeel so empty, worthless, and worst of all, that iNever measure up =/ im like a pair of louboutin heels with scuff marks on them. im worth a lot yettt iStill have flaws. sasha has been my emotional support these past 2 days iSwearrr. ahahoeidhgoahg; iJuss need to hear his voice. iNeed him to make me laugh. say something stupid so iCan forget about my insecurities and be able to smile again. most of all iNeed someone to tell me im beautiful, not beautiful =/

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