Monday, March 29, 2010

"the girl or the world, Yuu see someone gotta lose, iThought iCould have it all. Do iReally gotta choose? what good is all the cash if it doesn't buy time? and what good is being famous--if im never on yur mind. Nights Fallen, Lights Glowin and im juss tryna pay the price owing &&& iDon't wanna feel the comfort from my ice showing and iAin't tryna be without yuu at the right moments. Nigga nice it worth it? that decision cuz hearts breakin'..iAin't tryna be in that collison."--Drake, Sooner Than Later, So Far Gone.

11:37 monday. it wuz jusss as shitty as iExpected it to be. my self-esteem is officially low right now. im juss not feelin' it todayyyyyy iSwearrrrrrrrr. im so stressed. =/ im so sensitive todayyy too. the littlest shittt got to me. oagoarogredoirhgioehdogh; and the teacher gave me a new project in art. my mind wuz on blank so iCame up with some bullshit idea that she liked but iDidn't. the theme is fire. but don't take it literally chelsea. THE FUCK YUU MEAN ?! and iStilll haven't done shit towards my research paper and that shittt is due april 13. iNeed to pull it togetherrrr. at least im on the right track in my other classes. im a little worried about that 73 iHave in public speaking tho. why do iWorryso much and expect the worseeeee??!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. iNeed a cocktail, && some of my dad's kushhhhhh lol jk. say a prayer for me babes, S.T.R.E.S.S. be takin' a toll on me.

iWud rock this in a heartbeat No doubt.

Friday, March 26, 2010

hearts breakin' && iAint Tryna Be in that Collision ♥

"What girl you know can keep a long distance relationship up and have it stay strong for more than a month? you're amazing, you really are. You gotta give credit to yourself and realize that girl in the mirror is the most amazing girl i've met. and i know shamel thinks it too. i love you so much. april will be the best month, my love. keep your head up and smile." ---Nadiya

this gurl iSwearrrr. she keeps me going. Me&& _________talked on the phone bright and early this morning. it's crazy. iDon't even know if he's gonna take me back but iKnow this much. iKnow what iFeel for him is real. iCan't deny that. iPut my pride asideee, now the ball is in his court. ttyl. im going out for lunch with mother. Later, im finishin' that public speaking outline iSwearrrr. juss because life is fucked up right now doesn't mean im gonna sit around && feel sorry for myself all day. thankkk yuu nadiya boo ♥ we gone make it thru this together, loveeee.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

on A Mission To Be, What im destined To Be ♥

5:58 im trying to get shit accomplished this weekend.
1. Take notes for public speaking exams 13 & 14
2. find research paper, sources, and start writing it.
3. speech six outline
4. Fuck everything else.
5. Get it togetherrrrrr emotionally.

sometimes iFeel like.....

1:27 P.M. ending it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

& The Most Annoyin' Muthafucka Award Goes To...

@2Gz_chinamaN....this is the most annoying bitchhh yuu will ever having a texting convo withhhh. smhhhh. within 10 minutes, he wuz tryna see some of the goods. smfhhhh. iTold his ass iGot a boyfriend and STILL the mutherfucker persisteddd. k' im done rantin' and ravin' for now. but cheaa' iTexted my boo, and he ain't hit me back ;( im lonely and frustrated and iMiss him soooo muchhhh. this spring break has not been my cup of tea, iSwearrrr. =/ but ima try to keeepp my head up and make the best of it....nite Yall.
Drake-Shut it down
Kanye West-Love Lockdown

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shut it Down.

9:24 P.M. ehhh today wuzn't all that badddd. A New Drake Song "shut it down" leaked so Yuu kno im happy. the songggg is UGH-MAZING ! ive had it on repeat all dayyyy forreallll! iTexted _________ & __________todayy. it's been a while since iHeard frm _______. ahhhhh he really forgot about a nigga =/ but it's koo. and me & __________are good iGuess. i'm juss letting my insecurity getting the best of me tho. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. has there ever been a person Yuu wished Yuu kept all to yurself? that's how iFeel but watever. iWent to bed a little hurt lass niteee, but imma be aiitee. my grandfather still in the hospital and that shitttt is kinda messin' with me =/ but ima try to be happy and positive this springggg breakkk. iNeed to get down and crackin on that research paper so iCan actually have a hope of making an A on ittttt. iCan't wait til TML comes out. seriously, iHaven't been this hyped about something in a whileee! 'shut it down" will proally be my favorite song on the album =) ahhhhh. Drizzy never lets me down =D Nite Yall. Drake's music really keeps me up when im feelin' down =D

Saturday, March 20, 2010


"Another 20 Missed calls...iLove her and iHate's a funny
twist yall. Can't stand her when she in town, but Miss her when
she gone, truth be told, iRather be with her than alone."

6:24 P.M. im not feelin' it todayyy. what the fuck is wronggg with me?--. This feeling that something is wronggggg keeps eatin' away at me. iWishh it wud go awayy. this is the second day of my spring break vacation, and it's not going well. iFeel distant. iWishhh iCud pack all my clothes and go see _____________ & ____________.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


12:30 PM. wednesday wuz not all that bad. iFinished my second art project && the teacher LOVED it. iDon't. iWuz at my dad's house and iSaw all my old drawings and designs and iWish iHad the balls to actually major in __________. iShudn't have given up on that shittt. iDon't know what the hell ima do after collegeeee. Art can only get Yuu so far =/. iAlso noticed that im hella insecure todayyy. iAdded some chick on facebook juss to see if she wuz pretty. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. dudeeee. iJuss don't want someone to take what is mine away. ehhh. territorial muchhh? ehhh. idk how ima make it thru this semester. with my nadiya boo, my honey dippp, my visa, alluna, and my starbucks..imma surviveeee. may i have a large blended frappe' in caramel...yess..with whip cream please =/dude. iThought about praying today but ehhhhh God is proally shakin' his head at me for waitin' so longggg =/.
Nite Yall.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


8:19 P.M. today feels like mondayyyyy. ughhhhhh. today wuz so frustrating. im boiling right now. first off, iGot a 64/D in my english class ;( <-WTF. that's sum bullshittt iSwearrrrr. A Tad bit of Good news, iGot A's in my CCDM 114 and art II class. iJuss talked with my mom and sounds like she won't let me get my phone anytime soon. FMLLLLLLL. she acts like im laid up pregnant somewhere. this is a bunchhhhh of fuckery. my phone situation is sooo ghetto right's not the moneyyy but it's the time i'll spend on the phone that's buggin' her. ahhhhhhhhhhh =/ it's so frustrating that all that $$ iHave in the bank account, yeettt iCan't spend it on my cell. wtf. Does she have to be a _________? me &________are greatttt. iMiss him right now ;( this long distance shit really gets to me sometimes ;(

_____________missen in my life is kinda messin' with me =/

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Try Harder.

If Yuu hold back yur feelings because Yuu are afraid of getting hurt, Yuu end up hurting anyway =/ [♥]

10:23 P.M. ahhhh dude. today wuz pretty chill. iCruised crusti alamo with my homegurls imani and tatiana and iAte more mozarella sticks than iCan handle. me & __________ are great. This is the first time im actually committed to one person. iUsed to have mad sideee bitchessss but since 2010 ive cut em' all backkk. ahhhh. skool. shitttt. it's kinda gettin' me down. =/ my grades ain't up to the standards that iWant em' to be. it juss kills me that iCan't be perfecttttt. shittttttttt. =/ima try harder tho. iKno iCan pull that english and public speaking up. time to give it my all: balls to the wall... Nite Yall.
Alicia Keys-Unthinkable.
Drake-Sooner Than Later.
Yo Melly Mel-Take A Chance.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Take The Time to do it right because you may not get the time to do it over."
8:04 P.M. my dad juss pissed me off once again. he don't like the title of my blog nor my twitter name. but fuck it. im tired of being controlled my everybody. like wtf.iGot one message for anybody that got shit to say about me: FUCK YOUR FEELINGS. my speech went well and iGot my work accomplished today. but my hitler-like father alwayz manages to get me mad. he's too over-protective #NShit. smhhhh. waitin' for ________ to call. lass nite wuz crazy. we kinda sorta cool again but not the same as we were =/. iFinally swallowed my pride and texted him lass nite. iReally Hope that got me somewhere. iAin't tryna be without him =/

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Breathe.

2:32 A.M. ahhhhh dude. today wuz not that bad. got sum shit accomplished. talked to my gurl nadiyaaa and my bestie Cam. shittt might not be so bad. gotta get on top of this speech for my public speaking class =] fuck the stressin' =] ttyl.
Sade-Soldier Of Love
Drake-Thrill is gone

Sunday, March 7, 2010


2:50 A.M., iCan't believe it's really over. the one nigga iLoved ..the one person iTruely gave my [ALL]'s over. it's almost 3 in the morning and iWanna find a way to get him back into my life. iNeed him. iLove him. iWant him. iHave too much pride to pick up the phone and tell him how iFeel right now. he wuz the onliii want that iLoved.....word of advise to yall: Don't make someone yur everything, cuz When Yuu lose them, Yu'll have nothing =/. g'nite.
Drake--Sooner Than Later.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


today wuz actually ok. iMade a 96 on my mathhh testttt and a 96 on my public speaking paper. but iHave this research paper due real soon and a speech on tuesday and iAin't gonna lie, my ass is stressed the FUCK out about em'. and there this bitchhh that ive never talked to a day in my life talkn' shit about me. FMLLLLLLLL. but fuck it, imma focus on this skool shittt. that's my number one priority right nowwww. btw, Drake's single "over" comes out tommorrow at midnightttt! ahhh im so friggin' excited, iCan't waittttt! ugh iJus remembered iHad to go to the dentist tommorrow. FML.

Soundtrack 2/4/2010 <--songs that helped me get thru today.
1. Drake-Let's call it off
3.Drake & songz-Give Ya
5.Alicia Keys-Unthinkable.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


FUCK. MY. LIFE. iJuss woke up frm a good rest cuz my vag is bleedin. ugh. im soooo mad right now. iHad to get up and change sheets n' shit. iALso have art class today and it's been hella dry lately. my grades have gotten better but im not even sure what iHave in my public speaking class and my art class. iHave a "C" in englishhh and it's killen me. that shit should be an "A". =/ Note to self: Don't try to be perfect and chill the Fck' Out. things with shammy are going ok. iJuss wish the trust wuz there. =/ and iFeel like some shit is gonna go down..realllllll soon. paranoid muchh? -__-