Wednesday, March 17, 2010


12:30 PM. wednesday wuz not all that bad. iFinished my second art project && the teacher LOVED it. iDon't. iWuz at my dad's house and iSaw all my old drawings and designs and iWish iHad the balls to actually major in __________. iShudn't have given up on that shittt. iDon't know what the hell ima do after collegeeee. Art can only get Yuu so far =/. iAlso noticed that im hella insecure todayyy. iAdded some chick on facebook juss to see if she wuz pretty. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. dudeeee. iJuss don't want someone to take what is mine away. ehhh. territorial muchhh? ehhh. idk how ima make it thru this semester. with my nadiya boo, my honey dippp, my visa, alluna, and my starbucks..imma surviveeee. may i have a large blended frappe' in caramel...yess..with whip cream please =/dude. iThought about praying today but ehhhhh God is proally shakin' his head at me for waitin' so longggg =/.
Nite Yall.

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