Wednesday, March 3, 2010


FUCK. MY. LIFE. iJuss woke up frm a good rest cuz my vag is bleedin. ugh. im soooo mad right now. iHad to get up and change sheets n' shit. iALso have art class today and it's been hella dry lately. my grades have gotten better but im not even sure what iHave in my public speaking class and my art class. iHave a "C" in englishhh and it's killen me. that shit should be an "A". =/ Note to self: Don't try to be perfect and chill the Fck' Out. things with shammy are going ok. iJuss wish the trust wuz there. =/ and iFeel like some shit is gonna go down..realllllll soon. paranoid muchh? -__-

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