Wednesday, June 23, 2010

facebook is NEVER that serious .

CUNT ASS MUTHAFUCKA . this shit set me off . ppl take social networking sites like facebook . twitter . myspace TOO FUCKN' SERIOUSLY . this is why iCan't fuck with too many ppl . this kind of shit makes me keep my circle of ppl iDeal with small .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ventin' . just a lil' .

finally got drake's album yesterdayyy . iFeel like a bad fan cuz iBought the shit 2 days lateee. *sighh* it's 2:00 A.M. & im hurting . iFeel empty . shit hasn't even been the same . im tired and irritable all the time . iCry myself to sleep every night . iWorry extra . iPretend im ok just so iWon't have to explain to anyone what's wronggg. and things with __________ ? ughh . iFeel distant frm him more than ever . "ill call yuu back " that's what he tells me and im actually dumb enuff to believe it so iWait up for him, hoping he'd call . this is like A.B. all over again . my hearts breaking . yesterday wuz an excellent day today too iDon't know how today got so shitty . seems like ive been having a lotta shitty days lately . SMH .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank Me Later .

[Above: baby drake chillen by the pool =]
"But iWas curious, & i'll never forget it baby..what an experience . Yuu coulda been the one but it wasn't that serious. There was smoke in the air before now it's me clearing it . that felt good, all and all iLearned a lesson frm it tho, yuu never see it coming yuu just get to see it go." FUCKN' GENIUS . thank me later officially drops today.. boy, iBeen waitin' for this day for a hot minuteee .

today kinda suckssss. this week has actually. me and my mom got into an altercation sunday and this week has gone downhill from there. it makes me realize more and more that iNeed to grow up and stop bullshittin' . my GPA score sucks. it Still got me heartbroken. it went from a 3.2 to a 2.8 reallll fast just from that "D" in english . FMLLLLLLL. iTalked to shamel last night . *sighhh* things are not the way they use to be . how come when everyone needs me, im there and iKnow what to say to make them feel better but when im goin thru some shit, ppl just be like "wtfff. why are yu not yur happy usual self?"....that goes to show yuu, yu didn't know me well to began with . yuu didn't even remember my fuckn' birthday when iAsked Yuu . iDon't feel like im worth shit to anyone anymore . everyone just walks all over me and use me to talk about THIER problems but when it comes to helpin' me out...pshhh the only friend iCan depend on is nadiyaaaa iSwearrr. everybody else, fuck em' .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

missed me? =]

(above) baby drake ! =]
"niggas and bitches come and go. that's life. quit bitchin' & get the fuck over it." -Chelsea, yurs truly .

me & shamel split on april 14, 2010 iBelieveee *tries hard to recall the date*...iThink it wuz a Wednesday. he hit me up on myspace a week later and we started talkn' again n' shit . he had the nerve to break up with me over text . still makes me angry to this very day...SMH.
guess im back to hoein' it up on twitter/facebook/myspace LMAOOOOOOO. didn't call him tonite either. fuckk it. iFeel like im just another bitch on his list . but fuck that shittt .

iWuz on twitter and @MulahTruth said this shit bestttt..."Don't let "LOVE" be the excuse for yuu staying with some one who mistreats Yuu. let love for self be the reason yuu move on . <-------------preachh! iDefinitely needed to read that tweet .

summer to do list:
1. get a fukkin' job .
2. Get over Yuu. Yess YUU nigga .
3. Drive .
4. Get my cell back .
5. Grow the fukkk uppp .

Monday, April 12, 2010

Im Too Loyal && Too Focused ♥

To be losin' and Be Hopeless.
8:50 P.M. today wuz a good day over all. been tryna get it together mentally to work on this research paper. iHave that feeling in the bottom of my stomach that april is gonna be crazy. iHad my art class today and it wuz ahgoahgoa; iBarely did shit in thereee. my mind wuz on this research paper iSwearrrr. that's the primary thing im focusin' on right now. my relationship has been going good it's juss lack of trust and jealousy that seem to be fuckn' up any type of relationship iStart lately =/. but other than this lame ass research paper, everything is going pretty aiiteee. Drake's new video came out today and it wuz ehhh ehh ehh...aiitee. his music is fuckn' amazing but he needs to come harder as far as the music videos. && iNeed to get more rest at night. im seriously losing brain cells over lack of sleep...*sighhh* but lemme get back to this englishh =) love Yuu guyzzz =)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

iGot a Certain Lust For Life ♥

7:05 P.M. iCan feel the tears coming but iAin't dare lettin' em gooo. im too strong for this shitttt. yur guessin' today sucked..well yuu guessed right. a 64 on my math test was not exactly a good way to start the day off. aogaohga; iNeed to pull it together. where is my nadiya boo when iNeed her? =/ me & ________. let's jusss say iFeel like ima end up alone. nothing new right? she's so pretty and in closer distanceeee. she probably hasn't done anything to piss him off like iHave. she's skinner than iAm. doesn't have an overbite when she smiles =/ longgg pretty hair. shittt she's not even frm the united states. how can iCompete with something like that =/ ? yeahhhh ppl tell me im pretty and beautiful and all that but only _________'s opinion matters to me. iFeel so empty, worthless, and worst of all, that iNever measure up =/ im like a pair of louboutin heels with scuff marks on them. im worth a lot yettt iStill have flaws. sasha has been my emotional support these past 2 days iSwearrr. ahahoeidhgoahg; iJuss need to hear his voice. iNeed him to make me laugh. say something stupid so iCan forget about my insecurities and be able to smile again. most of all iNeed someone to tell me im beautiful, not beautiful =/

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PassPort To Fly, Sittin' At The Gate...

"i know that we just met, iDon't wanna leave yuu yet.
Promise that iWon't forget. Im comin back, Im Comin Back" =/
PassPort To Fly, Sittin' at the gate iJuss wanna touch Yuu
but im so far away.

feelin' undescribableee right now.
Too Much.
is that a bad thinggg?.