Saturday, June 19, 2010

ventin' . just a lil' .

finally got drake's album yesterdayyy . iFeel like a bad fan cuz iBought the shit 2 days lateee. *sighh* it's 2:00 A.M. & im hurting . iFeel empty . shit hasn't even been the same . im tired and irritable all the time . iCry myself to sleep every night . iWorry extra . iPretend im ok just so iWon't have to explain to anyone what's wronggg. and things with __________ ? ughh . iFeel distant frm him more than ever . "ill call yuu back " that's what he tells me and im actually dumb enuff to believe it so iWait up for him, hoping he'd call . this is like A.B. all over again . my hearts breaking . yesterday wuz an excellent day today too iDon't know how today got so shitty . seems like ive been having a lotta shitty days lately . SMH .

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