Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank Me Later .

[Above: baby drake chillen by the pool =]
"But iWas curious, & i'll never forget it baby..what an experience . Yuu coulda been the one but it wasn't that serious. There was smoke in the air before now it's me clearing it . that felt good, all and all iLearned a lesson frm it tho, yuu never see it coming yuu just get to see it go." FUCKN' GENIUS . thank me later officially drops today.. boy, iBeen waitin' for this day for a hot minuteee .

today kinda suckssss. this week has actually. me and my mom got into an altercation sunday and this week has gone downhill from there. it makes me realize more and more that iNeed to grow up and stop bullshittin' . my GPA score sucks. it Still got me heartbroken. it went from a 3.2 to a 2.8 reallll fast just from that "D" in english . FMLLLLLLL. iTalked to shamel last night . *sighhh* things are not the way they use to be . how come when everyone needs me, im there and iKnow what to say to make them feel better but when im goin thru some shit, ppl just be like "wtfff. why are yu not yur happy usual self?"....that goes to show yuu, yu didn't know me well to began with . yuu didn't even remember my fuckn' birthday when iAsked Yuu . iDon't feel like im worth shit to anyone anymore . everyone just walks all over me and use me to talk about THIER problems but when it comes to helpin' me out...pshhh the only friend iCan depend on is nadiyaaaa iSwearrr. everybody else, fuck em' .

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