Sunday, June 13, 2010

missed me? =]

(above) baby drake ! =]
"niggas and bitches come and go. that's life. quit bitchin' & get the fuck over it." -Chelsea, yurs truly .

me & shamel split on april 14, 2010 iBelieveee *tries hard to recall the date*...iThink it wuz a Wednesday. he hit me up on myspace a week later and we started talkn' again n' shit . he had the nerve to break up with me over text . still makes me angry to this very day...SMH.
guess im back to hoein' it up on twitter/facebook/myspace LMAOOOOOOO. didn't call him tonite either. fuckk it. iFeel like im just another bitch on his list . but fuck that shittt .

iWuz on twitter and @MulahTruth said this shit bestttt..."Don't let "LOVE" be the excuse for yuu staying with some one who mistreats Yuu. let love for self be the reason yuu move on . <-------------preachh! iDefinitely needed to read that tweet .

summer to do list:
1. get a fukkin' job .
2. Get over Yuu. Yess YUU nigga .
3. Drive .
4. Get my cell back .
5. Grow the fukkk uppp .

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