Monday, April 12, 2010

Im Too Loyal && Too Focused ♥

To be losin' and Be Hopeless.
8:50 P.M. today wuz a good day over all. been tryna get it together mentally to work on this research paper. iHave that feeling in the bottom of my stomach that april is gonna be crazy. iHad my art class today and it wuz ahgoahgoa; iBarely did shit in thereee. my mind wuz on this research paper iSwearrrr. that's the primary thing im focusin' on right now. my relationship has been going good it's juss lack of trust and jealousy that seem to be fuckn' up any type of relationship iStart lately =/. but other than this lame ass research paper, everything is going pretty aiiteee. Drake's new video came out today and it wuz ehhh ehh ehh...aiitee. his music is fuckn' amazing but he needs to come harder as far as the music videos. && iNeed to get more rest at night. im seriously losing brain cells over lack of sleep...*sighhh* but lemme get back to this englishh =) love Yuu guyzzz =)

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