Tuesday, March 16, 2010


8:19 P.M. today feels like mondayyyyy. ughhhhhh. today wuz so frustrating. im boiling right now. first off, iGot a 64/D in my english class ;( <-WTF. that's sum bullshittt iSwearrrrr. A Tad bit of Good news, iGot A's in my CCDM 114 and art II class. iJuss talked with my mom and sounds like she won't let me get my phone anytime soon. FMLLLLLLL. she acts like im laid up pregnant somewhere. this is a bunchhhhh of fuckery. my phone situation is sooo ghetto right now.it's not the moneyyy but it's the time i'll spend on the phone that's buggin' her. ahhhhhhhhhhh =/ it's so frustrating that all that $$ iHave in the bank account, yeettt iCan't spend it on my cell. wtf. Does she have to be a _________? me &________are greatttt. iMiss him right now ;( this long distance shit really gets to me sometimes ;(

_____________missen in my life is kinda messin' with me =/

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