Sunday, March 14, 2010

Try Harder.

If Yuu hold back yur feelings because Yuu are afraid of getting hurt, Yuu end up hurting anyway =/ [♥]

10:23 P.M. ahhhh dude. today wuz pretty chill. iCruised crusti alamo with my homegurls imani and tatiana and iAte more mozarella sticks than iCan handle. me & __________ are great. This is the first time im actually committed to one person. iUsed to have mad sideee bitchessss but since 2010 ive cut em' all backkk. ahhhh. skool. shitttt. it's kinda gettin' me down. =/ my grades ain't up to the standards that iWant em' to be. it juss kills me that iCan't be perfecttttt. shittttttttt. =/ima try harder tho. iKno iCan pull that english and public speaking up. time to give it my all: balls to the wall... Nite Yall.
Alicia Keys-Unthinkable.
Drake-Sooner Than Later.
Yo Melly Mel-Take A Chance.

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