Friday, March 26, 2010

hearts breakin' && iAint Tryna Be in that Collision ♥

"What girl you know can keep a long distance relationship up and have it stay strong for more than a month? you're amazing, you really are. You gotta give credit to yourself and realize that girl in the mirror is the most amazing girl i've met. and i know shamel thinks it too. i love you so much. april will be the best month, my love. keep your head up and smile." ---Nadiya

this gurl iSwearrrr. she keeps me going. Me&& _________talked on the phone bright and early this morning. it's crazy. iDon't even know if he's gonna take me back but iKnow this much. iKnow what iFeel for him is real. iCan't deny that. iPut my pride asideee, now the ball is in his court. ttyl. im going out for lunch with mother. Later, im finishin' that public speaking outline iSwearrrr. juss because life is fucked up right now doesn't mean im gonna sit around && feel sorry for myself all day. thankkk yuu nadiya boo ♥ we gone make it thru this together, loveeee.

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