Thursday, March 4, 2010


today wuz actually ok. iMade a 96 on my mathhh testttt and a 96 on my public speaking paper. but iHave this research paper due real soon and a speech on tuesday and iAin't gonna lie, my ass is stressed the FUCK out about em'. and there this bitchhh that ive never talked to a day in my life talkn' shit about me. FMLLLLLLLL. but fuck it, imma focus on this skool shittt. that's my number one priority right nowwww. btw, Drake's single "over" comes out tommorrow at midnightttt! ahhh im so friggin' excited, iCan't waittttt! ugh iJus remembered iHad to go to the dentist tommorrow. FML.

Soundtrack 2/4/2010 <--songs that helped me get thru today.
1. Drake-Let's call it off
3.Drake & songz-Give Ya
5.Alicia Keys-Unthinkable.

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