Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Take The Time to do it right because you may not get the time to do it over."
8:04 P.M. my dad juss pissed me off once again. he don't like the title of my blog nor my twitter name. but fuck it. im tired of being controlled my everybody. like wtf.iGot one message for anybody that got shit to say about me: FUCK YOUR FEELINGS. my speech went well and iGot my work accomplished today. but my hitler-like father alwayz manages to get me mad. he's too over-protective #NShit. smhhhh. waitin' for ________ to call. lass nite wuz crazy. we kinda sorta cool again but not the same as we were =/. iFinally swallowed my pride and texted him lass nite. iReally Hope that got me somewhere. iAin't tryna be without him =/

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