Tuesday, March 23, 2010

& The Most Annoyin' Muthafucka Award Goes To...

@2Gz_chinamaN....this is the most annoying bitchhh yuu will ever having a texting convo withhhh. smhhhh. within 10 minutes, he wuz tryna see some of the goods. smfhhhh. iTold his ass iGot a boyfriend and STILL the mutherfucker persisteddd. k' im done rantin' and ravin' for now. but cheaa' iTexted my boo, and he ain't hit me back ;( im lonely and frustrated and iMiss him soooo muchhhh. this spring break has not been my cup of tea, iSwearrrr. =/ but ima try to keeepp my head up and make the best of it....nite Yall.
Drake-Shut it down
Kanye West-Love Lockdown

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