Wednesday, January 20, 2010


gahhhh. today iWent to art class which onliii lasted 20 minutess. iWuz pissed cuz iLooked cute for nothing lmfao. smhhh. lasss nite, iLost some sleep cuz my chest wuz hurtin =/ iDon't even wanna go to the doctor cuz im afraid iMight have breast cancer or some fatal shittt like that =/. but overall, today wuz kool. ppl frm my past keep poppin' up randomly in my lifeeee lmfaoo iRan into ray-ray. now he is the definition of a crusti ass nigga smhh. he tried to cuff me in the past, but he never stood a chance. so mean sometimes =/ plus iGotta man =] ohh shittt. Guyz iNeed to go cuz im talkin to my loverrr =] byeee. hope yall had a blessed day =]

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