Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shit Cud Be Worseee.

hola!--today wuz soooo yawn-alicious. iALmost fell asleep in all my classes and plus iFucked up and forgot to do my homework for public speaking class =/ when iTook a nap in my second class iWoke up lookin' a hot ass mess =/.Plus iRan into a muthafucka that used to like me =/ ewww what are the chances of that? =/ but today wuz pretti aiight over all LOL iGuess. my relationship is doing bangin right now...ive never been so serious about one before in my lifeee! LOL iGot $$$$$$. iGotta Car. so iDon't really have muchh to bitchhh over. =D iJuss need to get my shit together as far as skool tho or imma be --->FUCKED.
#Current Mood: Tired/Hyper/Lovey-Dovey
#Song of the day: Young Money "Pass The Dutchhh"
^those shoes: the definition of fierceeeee.^

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