Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First POST!

HOLA! this is my first blog postttt. maddd boredddd. tired. cranky. bitchhhy. jusss got home frm skool and iWuz randomly thinkin "Dudeee, why not make a blog?!" so iDid =] in my blog i'll be posting up random pics, songs,lyrics, quotes, a little bit of what iDo each day, videos, or any shittt iFind that's amusing to me =] all yuu have to do is read. isn't that jusss lovelyyy? =D dudee, on another noteee, wacka flocka got shot today =/
Food For Thought--->"Im Still Myself. Suicide Bars, iKill Myself. Charge it to the game, iBill Myself. iDont feel ya'll but iFeel Myself."-Drake "Congratulations"

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