Thursday, January 21, 2010

iLove it when guyz do this ishhh =]

we females love when yuu guyz do this shitttt:
1. tell her she's beautiful. -->especially on dayz when we feel like we look like a crackwhore, tell us this shitttt, we'll deny that we beautiful but we love hearin it come outcha mouths anyway =]

2. Hold our hands -->even if it's fa' like .5588 seconds...juss do it. trust meh =]

3. Pick us up--->now if she a heavy bitchh or weigh more than Yuu, juss skip this one lmfao.

4. Kiss Us when we cussing yuu out--> LOL tell us we're so damn sexii when we mad. lmfao.

5.LISTEN to us =]--->iMean REALLY listen! we crave yall's attention believe it or not =]

6.Sing to us no matter how shitty yur voice sounds =]

7. Call us baby, babe, sweetheart, honey..etc. all that sweet shittt =]----> lay it on thickkkkk =] we likeee it, naw scratchhh that. we LOVE it.

8. Make us laughhhh =]

9.Make Love to us juss fuck us =D

10. Hug her frm behind =]-->like yuu kno when we juss standin there, sneak up frm behind us and give us a hug =] and hold us as long as possible.

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