Monday, January 25, 2010

Sooner Than Later =/

whewww. heyyy. today wuz so effin' depressing yettt iSmile and laugh like nothing's bothering me =/ first off, me and Him ain't on the best of terms =/ iAnnoy Him apparantly =/ & lasss nite iCried myself to sleep. then iWoke up feeling sick =/ then iWaste some charcoal on my cream ralph lauren sweater [FUCK!], then my hair went frm lookn' cute and curly like cupid to a hot mess in like an hour of being in the heat and humidity LOL. and then in art class, the teacher basically told me that iSuck this semester [well, that's how iTranslated it anyway] and iFeel like im losing my drawing abilities and creative juices =/ ughhh fuck, iDon't know how ima pass this semester. so basically in one word: IM FUCKED =[....and then my mother wuz lookin' for me on campus today and couldn't find my ass on campus =/ iTried calling her but her phone wuz fuckn' up. ughhh. todayyyy wuz so not cup of tea. somebody hug me =[ iFeel like iCan't do nothing right lately. iMiss my dad sorta..iWish sometimes he wud tell me im pretty =/
"In this game of love and war, casualities are expected =/" -Drake.

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